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Lisa Brookman and Liz Wiener: Wise Women Canada

Meet our founders


  Q & A With Wise Women Canada Founders, Lisa Brookman and Liz Wiener Q: What is Wise Women Canada? A: Wise Women Canada is the initiative of best friends, psychotherapist Lisa Brookman and educator Liz Wiener. With a passion for…

Are You Too Sweet?


I’m not referring to your demeanor. Have you checked your blood glucose results?  Have you even seen a doctor for a while, to have a routine blood screening?  Do you accept the comment from the MD’s office that everything is…



There is no shame in using sex toys! So why do myths still abound surrounding the use of toys? Part of the problem is that as a society we still have trouble talking about sex and pleasure openly. Thankfully, I…

Birthdays at Summer Camp…….


Birthdays are special in my family, especially for my children.  I am someone who doesn’t particularly love, or need all the bells and whistles for my own birthday, but my daughters are true birthday queens. 

Cookie Monster Cupcakes


One of the most attractive features about cupcakes is their ability to be decorated in any which way imaginable. All you need are a few specialized pieces of equipment, and some specific decorating supplies and of course, some creativity. In this How-To…