Self Care



Who has time? If I were to offer you a free one-hour spa treatment of your choice everyday for a week, would you accept it? Could you find the time?  If not everyday, surely you could do it every other…

Green bra

Bra Shopping with your Tween


There are many important milestones in a young woman’s life. Today my daughter and I tackled one of them! My shy, soft spoken and determined 12 year old asked me to take her bra shopping. I should have been excited…

What I Wore – End of Summer Edition


So here’s me, wearing some of my favourite summer attire. I know it’s September, and I LOVE fall clothes, but I’m making the most of the warm weather before I’m buried under layers of down. I also wanted to show…

Two of us

Just the two of us


My husband and I were very lucky this summer. We had the privilege of traveling to California for 9 days while our three children were at sleep away camp in the Laurentian’s. So…. it was just the two of us…

Leather jacket

Stuff I like to Wear


I thought we should start things off by letting you know how I like to dress. My personal style is pretty simple. I like to keep things clean, a little edgy and (hopefully) chic. You can almost always find me…

Applying mascara

A year of living without


Deeply inspired (as always) by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, and in particular by his personal experiment of A Year of Living Without, I have decided to embark on the same experiment. I am doing this for the same reasons…

Logan book

The Terrible Twos: Surviving the storm


The terrible two’s.  We’ve all heard about this challenging phase.  We attempt to prepare ourselves by reading parenting books that highlight the “effective” or “right” ways to intervene with our kids.  But until your toddler is sprawled out on the…

Mommy remote

Life as a mom is busy and hectic


Life as a Mom is busy and hectic.  Life as a Single Mom is exponentially busy and hectic.  The lunches, carpools, schedules, laundry, social directing, and daily adventures keep Moms constantly on the go, and as a result we often…

Taming the Frizz


My name is Sam, and I’m thrilled to be Wise Women Montreal’s hair expert. Check back with me often for great hair tips, product suggestions, and tricks of the trade. Over the summer, I’ve been using two amazing products on…


Let’s get things started!


Welcome to my new blog! When the lovely ladies who started this site asked if I would be interested in contributing to the fitness section by blogging, I was so excited to be part of it!! I am not great…

When Your Best Friend Has Depression


Throughout my life, I’ve been touched by people struggling with mental illness. I’m extremely sensitized to their journey and I’ve chosen to dedicate much of my private practice as a psychotherapist to helping people cope.