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What depression looks like

What Mental Illness Looks Like


Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of interesting comments from people when they learn that I live with mental illness. Advice is probably the most common theme, as in – have you tried focusing on the positive? Do you…

BRCA mutation testing

Mom Genes


As a grade 7 high school student, I was asked to write an English essay about my “hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future”. Most teens in my class described ambitious academic and career goals and philanthropic intentions. I chose…

Type 1 Diabetes

My Type 1 Truth


As I pass the 20 year mark on my diabetic journey, I have come to a place of reflection on the reality of what I have been through. Before I begin with the personal side, I should shed some light…

This is how to make yourself a priority


In the five years since we’ve launched Wise Women Canada, we’ve learned so much. The experiences we’ve had, including television appearances, public speaking opportunities, our own radio show and a column in a national magazine (among countless others), have been…

starting over at 55



It’s not you – it’s me”!  A line made famous by George Costanza on Seinfeld – is one I can’t wait to repeat – not to my boyfriend, husband or partner – but to my employer. After almost thirty years of participating in…

Happy birthday to us!


  Four years ago this week we launched Wise Women Canada after months of researching, planning, developing and smashing our heads against a few walls. We never imagined that so much blood sweat and tears could go into the launch…

Girlfriends supporting each other: Wise Women Canada

Measuring Time in Love and Friendship


Looking back at 2007, I remember a year fraught with physical and emotional pain. My agenda was replete with doctors’ appointments and visits to acupuncturists and nutritionists. I spent most days immobilized on my sofa, willing the excruciating burning in…

parental abuse

Unconditional Love


I am a 38-year old woman, married with two beautiful daughters, and a house in the suburbs. I am certain that we share some common interests and hobbies. I might be your neighbour, best friend, acquaintance, relative, or a complete…

When Anxiety Affects Your Parenting


Anxiety can exacerbate even the simplest of parenting tasks and steal the gratification we should be receiving. But it is possible to gain control over your anxiety and create a healthy family dynamic. First posted on Best Health Here are…



Imagine… you get a call one day offering you the chance to win a $100,000. It’s a new reality show that takes ordinary people and asks them to do extraordinary things. All that you have to do is walk across…

Life Takes Guts


For many people living with Crohn’s disease, life can involve urgent trips to the bathroom as well as pain. For some, Crohn’s can even be deadly. Living with a chronic disease like this can be difficult and isolating. In severe…

Fit Vs. Fiction


“Alone I lived inside my head, never wanting to leave my bed On the outside so strong and tough, but inside never good enough I spent each moment wrapped in fear, afraid of looking in the mirror What power it…