Mental Wellness

The Mealtime Battle: Mommy vs. Toddler


Every evening around 5:30 pm, I get ready to enter into battle.  I arm myself with a smorgasbord of food:  Main meal…..check.  Back-up meal….check.  Last-resort-meal…..check.  My kitchen resembles a cross between a buffet restaurant and a war zone and I…

preventing burn-out


By the end of the day, when I get into bed I am truly TIRED!!  My body is exhausted, my nerves are spent and emotionally I am pooped! I try to live each day to its fullest  and I definitely…

Green bra

Bra Shopping with your Tween


There are many important milestones in a young woman’s life. Today my daughter and I tackled one of them! My shy, soft spoken and determined 12 year old asked me to take her bra shopping. I should have been excited…

What I Wore – End of Summer Edition


So here’s me, wearing some of my favourite summer attire. I know it’s September, and I LOVE fall clothes, but I’m making the most of the warm weather before I’m buried under layers of down. I also wanted to show…

Two of us

Just the two of us


My husband and I were very lucky this summer. We had the privilege of traveling to California for 9 days while our three children were at sleep away camp in the Laurentian’s. So…. it was just the two of us…

When Your Best Friend Has Depression


Throughout my life, I’ve been touched by people struggling with mental illness. I’m extremely sensitized to their journey and I’ve chosen to dedicate much of my private practice as a psychotherapist to helping people cope.