I’m ok with being a size 14!!

Yup, Im strong!!

I have always been associated with being BIG. A big voice, a big personalty and big boned. Being a size 14 has never really bothered me.  I know that may seem strange to many, but it’s the truth.

At 43, I’m finally secure with myself- and I accept that my body is not perfect.

Don’t get me wrong-

Yup, Im strong!!
Yup, I’m strong!

I still strive to be beautiful.

Would I like to be thinner or fitter?  Yes, but only because I understand its health benefits – not because of self loathing.

I’m an active, fashionable and confident size 14. I believe in eating well, exercising, indulging and working daily to except myself for who I am. I feel beautiful in my skin.

I grew up surrounded by obesity. I was taught that being overweight was a liability- something to be shameful of. I was determined not to be swept up in the negativity and have worked hard to not look down on myself because of my weight.

My body is a part of me, but it doesn’t define me.

And this is a message I insist on teaching my kids.

Case in point: the other day my 13 year old daughter was browsing in my closet.  Alexandra, a size two, picked up my new leather dress and expressed that she couldn’t wait to wear it. To me, this confirms that I’ve been doing something right.  My daughter doesn’t see me as overweight, but rather as a female role model with great taste in clothes!

Indulging with my daughter
Indulging with my daughter

I could think that if I were slimmer or in better shape, that I would be ultimately  a happier person. But rationally, I know that this simply isn’t true. Weight loss is NOT the answer to my to success. Being kind, hardworking, empathetic  and considerate have been some of my true achievements.

So, to all women out there, please STOP obsessing about what you’re not and accept who you are. When it comes to loving and accepting your body and yourself, weight really should have no bearing. In fact, actually valuing  who you are can help you improve your body image and confidence regardless of your size.

As for me- I will happily strut my larger stature around town -with grace and confidence. 

I know that there are people who judge me and make assumptions about me because of my weight but the truth is I don’t really give a crap!

Be proud of who you are, and never apologize for your weight. Embrace your body regardless of your size. Be thankful for your less than generous boobs or your big booty. Love your uniqueness, be thankful for being you and walk with your head held up high. Accepting yourself, inside and out, is the true key to happiness.



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