Women and Friendship

‘There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” -Linda Grayson

I definitely feel that when it comes to friendship, quality trumps quantity. My friends are a VERY important part of my life.  I can count my good ones on one hand, but that’s what makes my relationships with them so meaningful. Between spouses, kids, and work, it’s very easy to forget about prioritizing our friendships. But friends add a very important dimension to our lives. Whether it’s a quick sushi lunch or a girls’ weekend in Mont Tremblant, we MUST make time for these important women in our lives.

We should all love and appreciate the diversity of our friendships.

The “sister from another mother “ friend

IMG_1586We cherish the friend who know us better than anyone else in our lives. The friend who loves us like a sister.  They can just look at us and they know when something’s wrong or when everything is right. They know when to offer a solution, a sincere hug, a stupid joke or just a nod of understanding. They are the ones we seek out when we need to vent, laugh or cry. They share our excitements and revel in our success. They understand us and we feel safe with them. They just “get” us, without judgement- no mater what. Their friendships is authentic, deep and lifelong.

The “ spontaneous, fun loving ” friend

How special is it when you get an idea in your head know just the friend to ask to join you. You want THAT person to share in the joy because she is a breath of fresh air and she makes you feel happy.  She adds spice to your life.  She is open, understanding and fun-loving. Whether it’s a spontaneous shopping spree downtown or a last minute concert, we all need someone in our life who meets adventure with enthusiasm, a smile on her face, a spring in her step and no questions asked.

The “say it as it is” friend

We must have one friend who we know will always tell us the truth even when we don’t want to hear it. She’s straightforward and honest and just says it as it is. This friend has our back and is protective and loyal. She doesn’t say things to hurt our feelings but rather her honesty helps point us in the right direction. We totally appreciate her direct support, even if i’s sometimes hard to digest._MG_8510

The “cozy and comfy” friend

We all love our old friends. The ones who have known us since childhood and have supported us through many ups and downs over the years. These women have been with us through many stages of  life and know the experiences that have moulded us into the women we are today. They are down to earth, sincere and loving. We can trust them with our life and count on them to be there for us.  They are part of us. Being with our  old friends is easy, comfortable and feels like home.  We may not speak to these friends daily or even weekly but rest assured when we do connect it’s real, meaningful and safe.

As strong and independent women, we should be reminded of what being a good friend really means and why it matters.

Like any healthy relationship friendships take effort, motivation and drive. Friendship is an investment of ourselves and we should always remember to value the _MG_9058wisdom we receive from these women. True friendships means: being loyal, a good listener, a positive role model , a rock,and sometimes even a critic.

My friendships are special and I depend on the women in my life for companionship, advice, support  understanding, reassurance and fun. They allow me to be my true self. My expectations of them are high and I pride myself on giving back with 100% loyalty and respect.

As women, we must appreciate our sisterhood and realize that good, honest and nurturing friendships make us stronger, happier and more fulfilled human beings.



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