Single Mama’s Favorite Things

Until now I have blogged mostly about single motherhood and divorce.  I am however more than just a single mom.  It is one of my most visible titles, but being a single mama isn’t the only important part of who I am.

Yesterday while driving in my car, listening to my beloved satellite radio, I heard my all-time favorite Springsteen song and immediately started to smile.   In that moment it felt as though all was perfect and stress free. It suddenly struck me how little it truly takes to make me smile and feel good.

I, like so many other mothers, am constantly on the go.  Life for me is always a non-stop ride.  I wear so many different hats and play so many different roles (to so many different people) each and every day.  I am a single mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and professional social worker.  On any given day I can also be found playing the role of: chef, laundress, cleaning woman, taxi driver, sanitary engineer, psychologist, vet, nurse, tutor, telephone operator, handyman and dog walker.  I am sure that I have forgotten a few, but as you can see it’s a never ending career-changing experience!

Amidst all of the non-stop craziness there are many moments each day which bring a smile to my face or cause me to laugh uncontrollably.  It is so easy to think and talk about the moments that make us all mad or sad or frustrated.  In doing so we often neglect the GOOD STUFF – the stuff that we are grateful for, the little things that pack a big punch!

Why not relish in the moments that cause us to feel happy and fulfilled?

Why not speak of the “roses” in our days rather than complaining about the “thorns?” timeless-valentine-roses_552759

So, I have decided to share the list of the top 12 things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.  Here goes…..

  1. My Daughters:  They are my everything!  They are both unique and special and I cherish every moment that I spend with them.  Nothing makes me happier than when the three of us (and our dog Peaches) hang out on my bed catching up on our favorite T.V. shows, gossiping or playing cards.  I also love our spontaneous dance parties which usually take place in the kitchen and result in laughter and extreme silliness!
  2. Bruce Springsteen singing Jungleland.
  3. Jim Cuddy (and Blue Rodeo) singing ANYTHING!
  4. Homemade Iced Tea with lots of ice in it.  When there is no homemade available, STARBUCKS GREEN ICED TEA is a perfect option!
  5. Laughing until it hurts.
  6. Good Sushi
  7. Summers in the country with my girls. (ahhhh, the country air!)
  8. Making and eating SMORES with my daughters.  When there is no fire pit available, wrap up the SMORES ingredients in heavy foil and place them on the BBQ. You can even melt your marshmallows over the stovetop when you are in need of a quick smores.  Total yumminess!    018
  9. Breakfast dates with friends.
  10.  Cozy socks!  I have an affinity for ROOTS camp socks.
  11.  The Sunday Crossword Puzzle.  I love the Sunday Times Crossword, and love being able to take my time and work on it all week long.
  12.  A great MOJITO or a cold CORONA

In the words of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, “THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.”

I think it is so important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the stuff that makes us smile.

What are some of the things that make you happy?




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