Life as a mom is busy and hectic

Mommy remote

Life as a Mom is busy and hectic.  Life as a Single Mom is exponentially busy and hectic.  The lunches, carpools, schedules, laundry, social directing, and daily adventures keep Moms constantly on the go, and as a result we often forget to take time just for ourselves.  It’s hard to balance family time with time for yourself.  I know that for me, it’s always a struggle.  After all, I see myself as Mommy first and then everything else follows.

I think that when there are two adults living in the home, it is sometimes easier to carve out “Mom time” because there is often someone else to act as a buffer and take over when needed.  For me, Single Motherhood really implies constantly being “ON”, and my challenge has been to truly figure out a way to find the time for ME!

Mommy remoteMommy’s today are like “ON DEMAND TV”.

Our kids turn to us and expect immediate responses and solutions to all of their queries and needs, and as hard as we try to be strong, we often get stuck on the merry-go-round of 24/7 MOMMYHOOD!  Yikes!  It’s like we are being controlled by the T.V.  remotes and jumping from one channel to another!!

Those are the days when I know first-hand how important it is to step back, breathe deeply, and recognize that MOMMY is just a piece of who I am.  After all, I was Susan before I was Mom – it is so normal to lose a bit of yourself when you become a Mom.  So here’s my secret to stepping away and enjoying “me time”, (and let me tell you I’m not always great at it, but when I do it, it always makes me feel re-charged.) I have learned that “me time” doesn’t have to be alone-time, it just has to be time doing something that I enjoy.

It’s kind of like when Cookie Monster says “Me Want Cookie!” Instead it is Mom saying “ME WANT TIME FOR ME!”

MountainsI am someone who doesn’t need too much in order to be happy.  Sure, I dream about winning an all-expense paid trip to Tuscany or even Fiji, where the beach and the sun are all I would concern myself with, but then I snap back to reality and realize that it’s not going to happen!  So, I try to find little moments every day to step back and Breathe and Relax.

My favorite thing to do this summer has been to sit outside every day with my coffee, iced tea or Diet Coke and a crossword or Sudoku puzzle and just enjoy the fresh air and quiet.

These moments can be as brief as 10 minutes, but they always leave me feeling refreshed, recharged, and happy.  After all, the little things in life go a long way!


So, whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and fills your soul with happiness, DO IT!  Take the time, enjoy the moment!  Remember that you are important and deserve a little time for yourself!

xox, Susan



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  • Susan,
    I love what you wrote!!! Those were my favourite summer moments too, a french roast coffee a little sudoku and a whole lot of sun and fresh air. Only it takes me a good half hour to conquer that mid to late in the week sudoku. Xoxo

    • Hey Wendy! I’m so happy you enjoyed the blog! Taking moments for ourselves is so crucial and I am so glad that you were able to enjoy lots of coffee and sudoku moments this summer!

  • Hey Susan, I just come across this website and your blog. And guess what, I felt straight away re-boosted. so thanks a lot for sharing these tips and ideas. I am myself a single mom (recently) and all you said above is so so true. The key thing is to remember that life, whatever situation you are in, is worth living to its fullest. They are so many little things out there that can change our routine. It s just a matter of saying “let s do it”.

    • Hi Nleida!
      I am so happy that you enjoyed the blog and connected to what I had written! I hope you continue visiting the website and reading and enjoying the upcoming blogs!