Edith Freeman Linetsky

The Sky’s the Limit


I bat my eyelids and suddenly my daughter turned 7 months old. The rate at which time is marching is really quite mind-boggling, and when people tell me, “enjoy, it goes so fast”, they weren’t kidding! As I despondently packed…

STI/STD: Breaking the Taboo!


Before getting cozy under the sheets with your partner, remember that your sexual and reproductive health is essential for your overall well being. Anyone who is sexually active can get an STI/STD (sexually transmitted infection/sexually transmitted disease). STI’s can be detrimental…

Me…fake it???


 Insecurity at work is a career killer.  That said, we all experience it at one time or another.  That moment when you start a new job…or have a big presentation to make…or realize you are in over your head with…